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Genital Surgery Thailand - Labiaplasty and Vaginal Surgery - Cosmetic Surgery  

Genital Surgery

The medical term used for Genital Surgery is 'Labiaplasty'. The Genital surgery involves the reduction of labia or its beautification. Genital surgery involves various processes of female oriented cosmetic surgery procedures. Some of the processes of Genital Surgery include Vaginoplasty, the tightening or rejuvenation of the vaginal area and the Clitoral surgery.

The genital surgery involving the Labia surgery encompasses the reduction of labia and the rejuvenation of the vaginal area. The genital surgery has become very common today just as other cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and the tummy tucks. The genital surgery done by expert surgeons through the means of new advanced techniques and latest methodology now can be performed with no hassles of pain and scarring. The recovery time of the genital surgery is also less due to all latest means of procedures involved and applied in genital surgery.

Let us know something in detail about the genital surgical processes and procedures-

Labiaplasty - This kind of genital surgery is specifically for those women whose labia is either very large, asymmetrical or deformed. This kind of genital surgery also allows for the correction of distorted, deformed or the irregular kind of labia.

Vaginoplasty - This type of genital surgery is also known as vaginal-rejuvenation. This is a help to those women who have gone through several childbirths and thus require the tightening of the vagina or the enhancement of the sensitivity of the vaginal area.

Clitoral Unhooding - This kind of genital surgery is also known as Hoodectomy. This type of genital surgery is meant for providing to women enhanced sensation in their vagina along with greater arousal. This genital surgery also increases the sexual satisfaction of the individuals.

The field of genital surgery is an innate part and parcel of Genital Cosmetic Surgery. It is an innovative and a highly demanding surgical branch that calls for great professional skills and expertise. Many few surgeons have been trained in this specialized field thus to expertly perform the delicate processes of genital surgery with satisfactory results. The task of genital surgery is performed by a comprehensive team of competent plastic surgeons, urologists and cosmetic surgeons.